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Questions to ask potential landscape lighting companies.

A good landscape lighting design will increase the safety and security of your property, transform your dark outdoor spaces to warm and inviting living areas as well as add value to your home.  The first step in beginning to plan your outdoor lighting is to hire the right expert for the job.  Asking the right questions can help guide you towards choosing a lighting company that will fit your needs, so keep these questions in mind.

Can this lighting design be added onto later?

This is always good to discuss with your potential lighting designer.  Time and time again, we have clients that like to have us install their outdoor lighting in phases.  For example, some homeowners want lighting in the front of their home immediately for security purposes then want to complete the backyard at a later date for entertaining purposes.  A few minor adjustments made at the start of a lighting project (such as the size and location of the transformer) can make adding additional lighting down the road much easier and much more seamless.

Can the lighting system be integrated into my smart home system?

Our LED lighting systems can be integrated with most existing smart home systems.  This is something our lighting experts can help you with, but not all lighting companies offer this option.  If you do not already have a smart home system but are interested in including one with your lighting system, our experienced lighting designers can help with this.

What are some ways to save energy?

If conserving energy is important to you, this would be a good topic to discuss with any potential lighting company.  There are many landscape lighting options to choose from including, but not limited to, halogen, LED, mercury vapor and incandescent.  Choosing an LED system, however, provides several benefits such as energy savings.  LED bulbs use a fraction of the electricity and have a much longer life than the other lighting options.  Another way to conserve energy if you already have a high-voltage system is to have a lighting company switch your system to a low voltage lighting system.  Make sure to ask your potential lighting company if they are experienced in retrofitting existing systems because not all companies offer this option.

How will my lighting system be maintained?

Regular maintenance is an important aspect of a lighting design in order to maintain its functionality and beauty.  Not all lighting companies offer maintenance services, however, so it is a great idea to discuss this with your potential lighting designer.  Find out if the company has a service department, how their maintenance program works as well as their product warranties.  The last thing you want as a homeowner is to place your trust in a lighting company only to have them install your lighting system then disappear and not be able to provide maintenance.

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