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DIY vs Hiring a Professional for Your Lighting Project

In the era of HGTV, Pinterest, YouTube Videos, etc. we all get the urge to get our hands dirty and DIY some of our home projects. Whether a small job such as painting a bedroom, or a larger job like redoing your kitchen cabinets, the tutorials available make the jobs seem easy and more affordable. But is it always the right and best decision in the long run?

Installing outdoor landscape lighting within your property is a long term investment and if done properly, can increase your home’s curb appeal as well as add essential security. There are quite a few reasons why, in this case, hiring a professional to install your lighting will be more beneficial in the long run.

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Our lighting designers can create a layout for your outdoor lighting while considering all the details. A professional lighting team will spend time to understand your vision for outdoor lighting, assess the layout of your property and come up with ways to enhance your space through different lighting effects. As professionals in the field, we are able to discuss your lighting options such as the type of fixture, the light temperature and the spacing required as well as develop unique looks for your home.

The variety and range of lighting fixtures available to you at the hardware store is generally very limited compared to what we as professionals have access to. Commercial lighting typically has longer warranties and are significantly better quality. Our team is confident the fittings supplied are durable enough to tolerate outdoor weather conditions and outdoor factors such as bugs, pets and humidity. They also understand electrical systems, wattage needs and permits required to complete your professional installation.

Hiring a professional will typically cost you more than doing a DIY lighting project, however our team of designers can keep your project on budget, save you time on research, and help you avoid costly repairs.

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