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Driveway Lighting

Have you ever pulled into a driveway that was so dark you had difficulty navigating yourself through it? Not being able to see properly probably made you worry about hitting something on the property or not seeing someone.

Now, consider your own driveway. Would your guests have any difficulty at night?

Lighting a driveway serves several purposes. It provides safety for you and your guests and adds that curb appeal to your property that we keep talking about!

Lighting your driveway serves as a guide to navigate you and your guests, creating a warm, welcoming ambiance at the same time. Driveway lighting gives your home that WOW factor, leaving a great first impression.

Here are 3 cool ways to light up your driveway


If you have large trees along your driveway, down lighting is a great choice.  Down lighting emulates the feeling of moonlight. Downlighting appears to be natural, feels natural, but is (in reality) luminaires skillfully placed and aimed. Depending on how many trees you have and your how your driveway is laid out, utilizing bollards or well lights might be needed in combination with down-lighting. Mixing up the light sources can help balance out the light and ensure an evenly lit driveway.

Decorative bollard outdoor lighting


Bollards are solid, sturdy, and stately. Providing a soft light around a driveway, bollards are great markers to define the edge of a driveway. Texas Outdoor Lighting will provide you with an outdoor lighting design that will space the bollards on your driveway proportionately. Alternating sides provides optimal light without creating a runway effect.

Walkway Bollard Outdoor Lighting


While bollards stand taller with a light source above the ground; up-lights are located closer to the ground. If you prefer fixtures that are less noticeable, up-lights are a great choice. If you have mature trees along your driveway, up-lights will help define the driveway edge and add ambient light. One amazing use of up-lighting is installing fixtures into the driveway cement or at the garage entrance.

In ground well light garage lighting Lakeway Texas

Whichever type of lighting fixtures you choose, Texas Outdoor Lighting can highlight any potential obstacles along the driveway – trees, fences, walls, etc. - or at a change of direction. Additionally, providing adequate lighting at the entrance to the destination makes finding the entrance to your home easier and more appealing.

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