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Outdoor Lighting Maintenance & Repair

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance & Repair w/ Texas Outdoor Lighting

We Offer Simple & Affordable Options for your Texas Outdoor Lighting System Repairs & Upkeep


Texas Outdoor Lighting offers a couple of options for your maintenance needs. You may only need a one-time service or you may choose to sign up for our maintenance program. If you are signed up for our maintenance program, you won’t have to worry about calling us to schedule an appointment, we come out when you are due for your next service appointment under your plan.

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Is an Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Plan Right for You? 

In order to keep your Texas Outdoor Lighting system operating properly for many years to come, we offer a quarterly maintenance program. With this program, we come to your location every 3 months and examine all equipment to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Our technicians will:
· Check all lamps and replace if needed. You will NOT be charged for any LED lamps that
   are under warranty. (This does not apply to systems that have been struck by lightning.)
· Clean glass lenses of debris and hard water. This helps to keep the lights as bright as
· Trim plants and shrubs around the lamps so they are not covering the light.
· Adjust any clamps on the trees so they are not growing into the trees.
· Fix any wires that may be cut. Bury any exposed lines.
· Adjust transformer on/off times and check for any issues.
· Adjust/Re-angle fixtures that may have shifted to ensure the best lighting angle.
· We can replace any broken or damaged fixtures. If the damage is a manufacturer’s defect, it will be warranted. Otherwise, there may be an additional fee to be discussed with you.

During this time, you can receive a 10% discounted rate for any new fixtures you would like to add. In addition, any older halogen lamp systems can also be retrofitted to LED for the same discounted rate.

Enjoy the ease of automatic scheduling. Once enrolled, we automatically add you to our quarterly rotation.

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We are based in Austin, Texas and serve a wide area throughout the Lone Star State.

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