Texas Outdoor Lighting provides quality high pressure outdoor water misting systems. Outdoor home cooling systems in Austin maximize your outdoor enjoyment, especially in the Texas summer heat.  Mist cooling has the potential to reduce temperatures for up to 30 degrees.  Whether it is your patio or backyard, our professional and reliable service will not only increase the beauty and value of any home, but it will also keep your family cool.


A common outdoor misting system misconception is that people think misting will get you all wet in order for you to cool down.  This is untrue — the ultra fine water droplets that are created by the misting nozzles actually quickly evaporate to cool the surrounding air.  Thus, cooling the temperature around any facility.

Our Austin water mist cooling systems are made of the finest and highest quality materials to add an innovative and beautiful appeal to your home.  A patio misting system will provide perfect temperature for your romantic dinner; or a backyard misting system can allow your kids to run around the backyard before sunset.  You are investing in the quality of your life when choosing to install an Austin outdoor cooling system in your home — you and your family will be able to comfortably enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home, even in 100+ degree weather.

If you’d like to learn more about our Austin cooling misting services for your outdoor mist system, please contact us at 512-504-3030.