Outdoor Lighting: Landscape Renovation Trend

More homeowners than ever are investing in eco-friendly outdoor projects whether its updating irrigation systems, emphasizing composting or creating an outdoor garden.  John Wyer, an award-winning garden designer, gave predictions on outdoor trends for 2018 and stated that outdoor living spaces with integrated lighting will be a must have feature for residential outdoor living spaces in 2018. 

According to Renee Changnon, the assistant editor for Hardware Retailing magazine, outdoor LED lighting is trending into the realm of a more eco-friendly space as well.  In fact, Changnon states that 9 out of 10 respondents of her study reported substantial renovations or complete outdoor living overhauls and a huge 98.3% were looking to improve the lighting in their outdoor spaces. 

A separate Houzz Landscaping and Garden Trends Study revealed that a majority of homeowners are upgrading their outdoor spaces, with 64% specifically addressing their backyard living areas.  The top three uses of outdoor spaces are relaxing, gardening, and entertaining with outdoor living and beauty as the most valued aspects of outdoor design.  A properly installed and maintained, high quality outdoor LED lighting system can assist in enhancing all of these aspects of outdoor living.

Texas Outdoor Lighting uses top of the line fixtures and LED bulbs.  We also have a full time maintenance staff to take care of all of your lighting maintenance needs.  Visit our website to see more examples of how we can help to transform your outdoor living areas from dark to functional and beautiful.






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