Making the Switch from Halogen to LED


We have seen a lot of changes and progress within the lighting industry over the past decade. As with everything these days, newer technology and efficiency is developed and becomes available over time. An outdoor lighting system installed many years ago may be becoming old or even obsolete compared to today’s standards.

Halogen bulbs used to dominate the lighting industry. It was not until a few years ago that LED began to take over and become the industry standard. Now, it has become the choice of many outdoor lighting designers.

A few of the advantages of using LED vs Halogen are:

  • Longer Lifetime
  • More Durable
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Easy to replace
  • They do not attract insects because LED lights emit very little heat and UV light
  • Much more cost effective

In these photos, you can see the before and after of a parking garage that Texas Outdoor Lighting converted from Halogen to LED.

Before Photo of a parking garage using halogen lights in Horseshoe Bay TexasAfter Photo of a parking garage switching to LED lights in Horseshoe Bay Texas

If we haven’t convinced you yet of all the benefits of making the switch to LED, read this article from the Washington Post. Many manufacturers have stopped carrying Halogen light bulbs making it harder and more expensive to replace your bulbs.

Texas Outdoor Lighting offers free consultations to see if we can convert your current lighting system to LED, or one of our designers can work with you to design your dream lighting system. Give us a call today to schedule! (512) 504-3030

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