Texas Outdoor Lighting Completes High-Tech Lighting System for Texas’ Beloved Alamo

Alamo Outdoor Lighting by Texas Outdoor Lighting

It started with a visit to the Alamo. Our owners, Joel Mayor and his wife, were driving by the Alamo and noted how poorly our beloved State Shrine looked under its dated, dim lighting. We knew we could do better.

A Call to the Daughters of the Texas Republic

The next day, Joel and his wife called the Daughters of the Texas Republic and the Alamo staff, and after much diligence, found their way to the Operations Manager at the Alamo. Texas Outdoor Lighting sent an email explaining that we would like to install a high-tech, high-efficiency, LED lighting system without charge. The total value of the installation would retail for over $50,000. Several lighting manufacturers, like Illuminfx, were willing to donate their architectural-grade lighting fixtures to complete the project.

Working the Late Shift

The work had to be completed between 5pm and 6am (our beloved Alamo has daily visitors, as we know). Three 12-hour shifts later, the Alamo’s new lighting system was complete. The new lighting system uses less power, is more dramatic, and requires less maintenance. The prior installation was a single large baseball park light blasting only one area of the Alamo’s facade. The new lighting system incorporates 21 bored floor-mount fixtures that provide more symmetrical and more dramatic lighting. Amazingly, the new system uses only 200 watts of power–about the same as a single traditional residential incandescent flood light.

Press Inquiries

For press inquiries, please contact owner Joel Mayor, mayortx[at]gmail.com


2 Responses to “Texas Outdoor Lighting Completes High-Tech Lighting System for Texas’ Beloved Alamo”

  1. Ken Lewis says:

    Nice job Joel. I was at the Alamo a number of years back on a visit to Lucifer Lighting .I saw the single flood light and said what a great surface to bad they are just washing it all out.

  2. J Wagner says:

    Outstanding job Joel! What an honor to have had an opportunity like this. You and your team did a great job.

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