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Haven Lighting Installation & Service

Texas Outdoor Lighting is a Certified Installer for Haven Lighting Products

Interested in Haven Lighting Products or Need Service on a Haven Lighting System? 

Haven Lighting--where to even start with this amazing range of products. Haven Lighting offers a full range of technological lighting solutions:

* Full Color Control on a range of innovative lighting products: 
* Full Color Bistro Lighting 
* Full Color LED "Tape" Lighting (see the picture below with the glowing blue light around the spa, this is a Haven Lighting LED Tape product and it completely controllable, with colored animations, from the Haven Lighting App.  
* Full Color Deck Lighting
* A Wide Range of uplighting, deck lighting, with a focus on complete color control. 
* Full app control and full scheduling control

It's Hard to Convey the Range of Possibilities With Haven Lighting. Contact Us to Learn More. 

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