Hardscape Outdoor Lighting

Do you want outdoor lighting on your established home but are concerned it can’t happen due to your hardscaping?  Here at Texas Outdoor Lighting, our installation manager and technicians have professional experience installing lighting systems in hardscaping.  Installing outdoor lighting in hardscaping takes precision and that is what we focus on every day here at Texas Outdoor Lighting.

Hardscape outdoor lighting will add dramatic lighting effects to retaining walls and other masonry around your property.  We can install lights under the top lip of concrete, stone or masonry walls to light the walkways along entrances, around pools and to your outdoor living areas.

 Frequently, we add lighting in hardscaping to light the front facade of homes and garage doors for safety and security.  



The lights we use in hardscaping have a simple elegance and smooth flowing edges designed to complement stonework, concrete, masonry and other architectural elements.


Contact Texas Outdoor Lighting today and ask how we can use our innovative techniques to add outdoor lighting in your hardscaping areas.

In the meantime, browse our gallery for more lighting ideas.


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