Garage Lighting: Curb Appeal and Safety

The garage can play an important role in increasing your home’s curb appeal.  Unfortunately, it can also be an easy target for thieves.  A comprehensive landscape lighting design can enhance the beauty of your garage and boost curb appeal while deterring potential intruders.

The garage may not seem like a high priority when creating a landscape lighting design.  You’ll want to consider, however, whether your garage is the focal point of your home’s curbside view and if it has interesting architectural features. 

Up and down lighting can both help showcase stonework, brick, architecture and the garage doors themselves.  While up lighting garage doors is easiest when the landscape lighting company collaborates with the builder before the concrete is poured, Texas Outdoor Lighting can core into already established driveways to get the same great lighting effect.

A combination of different lighting techniques such as up lighting, down lighting, column lighting, dormer lighting, soffit lighting, and nearby tree lighting can help illuminate the unique aspects of the garage doors while keeping your property safe.  Our award-winning lighting designers can help you develop a comprehensive landscape lighting plan to keep your safety, security and the beauty of your home in mind so contact us now for a free consultation.

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