Feature Lighting: “Yippee Ki Yay”

Texas Outdoor Lighting added lighting to feature Yippee Ki Yay at the Pease Park Conservancy

Texas Outdoor Lighting had the privilege of lighting the stickwork sculpture created by internationally acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty that’s entitled “Yippee Ki Yay’.  The sculpture is located in Pease Park in Austin, TX.  Mr Dougherty utilized locally harvested materials to build the stickwork sculptures including depression willow, ash and ligustrum.

Joel Mayor, our lighting designer for this project, used Thomas Kinkade paintings as his inspiration for lighting the structures.  His goal was to create a warm, glowing amber light that appears to be coming from within the structures while also creating a cool, moon-lit feel outside the structures.  

With this artwork being open to the public, Joel had to keep in mind that children may be climbing on and about the structures.  He, therefore, had his experienced lighting installers weave the wiring within the stick structure itself then made sure to place the lights up high, ensuring that tampering with the lights would be difficult.  

Another tricky aspect with this installation was that there was no power source within Pease Park.  While this was a challenge, Joel and the crew were not going to let this stop them.  A crew member, therefore, climbed through a drain tunnel under the street near the park to find a power source on the other side.  Texas Outdoor Lighting won’t let anything stop them!

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Photo Credit: Matt Capo

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